9 Things to do before the summer ends

Summer is officially here! For some reason, summer feels like an extra special season. I think the magic from childhood still lingers when summer break meant months without school, and long days to play with friends outside. When I was little, summer felt like a long time, but now that I’ve grown it feels like it slips by all too quickly. Without a little intention to truly enjoy the season, it’s too easy to let it pass you by.

Below is my list of 9 things to do before the summer ends:

  1. Spend a warm afternoon barbecuing

  2. Have a picnic with friends

  3. Lose yourself in a weekend away

  4. Discover a new salad recipe (Check out my sweet potato kale salad recipe here)

  5. Wake up to watch the sunrise

  6. Bike to dinner

  7. Play with sparklers

  8. Spend a day at the beach

  9. Host a brunch

Hope you find something on this list you want to do before the summer ends! Remember to live, love, and enjoy the moment!