The two ingredients for change

Change is really, simplified down, a two part process. Yes, you could break it into more steps but for the sake of simplicity let’s keep it at two. The two steps are as follows:

  1. A change in the head or heart. Change first begins with a change of perspective, intention, desire, or realization. Therefore, to promote change in the head or heart, you must make time for learning and reflection. Research whatever it is you’re wanting to change. Reflect on the internal barriers holding you back from changing. All change starts within so seek whatever experiences or information will help that internal shift.

  2. Inspired action. Change starts in the head or the heart, and could remain there forever if we don’t take action, turn those thoughts or desires into physical energy. Sometimes change happens simply by speaking the things we are feeling or thinking out loud, making them tangible. Other times small changes add up to a big shift and in extreme cases, we have to embody a different version of ourselves by living life in a completely different way. Changes in the head or the heart might never make a difference in our lives if we don’t act accordingly. Act accordingly and act consistently. You won’t lose weight eating healthy one day/week or exercising 4 times/month. You won’t change your life by changing something for a week, or a few days every month so find some change you can make and stick with.

Sometimes change includes multiple layers of going through steps 1 and 2 for multiple rounds. For example, you might want a great relationship, reflect on unhealthy behavioral patterns you engage in and then change those patterns accordingly. Once you get to that level you find there are new things to improve in relationships, you become aware of other areas you can change that will enhance your relationships. It’s like peeling back the layers, to a new version of you, and a new version of life. Sometimes it takes multiple rounds of change before you see true momentum take place. Make time for steps one and two in your life. Make time for reflection, research, reading and learning. Then decide how you want to put those ideas into action. Happy evolution everyone!