The importance of letting go

I watched a wonderful interview on yoga last week in which the interviewee talked about the importance of letting go. We are all carrying things, so many things with us that we have been accumulating from childhood. This could include insecurities, limiting beliefs, emotional wounds and/or emotional baggage. In order to change, we have to let these things go to make room for new and better things. We first have to empty before we can fill ourselves up with what we want. We first must make space in ourselves and in our lives before we can expect the positive changes to take place.

What this means is that there is just as much to be gained, if not more by the letting go. In a society where so much emphasis is placed on the obtaining, it can be easy to forget this. Sometimes it’s about asking ourselves what isn’t working, or what appears to be taking up excess space in our lives. This may be the thing to let go of. Often times you can tell what needs to be let go of by how it makes you feel. If you feel drained, or bitter, resentful, or defeated this may be an indicator to let whatever is causing those feelings go.

And so, I don’t have any profound tips on how to let things go. For everyone the process might be different. Some things are easy to let go of, such as obligations, or jobs whereas others might be more difficult like self-limiting beliefs, or relationships. The point is, once you shift your mindset to take into account what’s not working, you have the opportunity to begin unburdening. I think you’ll be surprised how quickly new things flow into your life once you’re able to do this, and how things begin to fall into place simply by setting the intention towards it. May you all remember the importance of emptying as much as filling up.