Simple pleasure of the week: reconnecting with your food

There was a time after college, when I fell in love with food and with the art of creating meals. I think I was watching a lot of cooking shows, and reading Michael Pollan books at the time. Now, I’ll admit that I’ve lost touch with the art of food a bit. I work, and practice yoga, and come home to a dinner my husband prepped at the beginning of the week. There is something very special, and also rare about connecting with your food as you peruse the vendors at the farmer’s market looking for inspiration for the evening meal. This week’s simple pleasure is about reconnecting with your food, taking the time to procure your ingredients and then enjoying the process of cooking, perhaps to the sound of music playing in your home. Maybe it’s about trying a new recipe, or maybe it’s about using one of your old favorites. But at the core, this simple pleasure is about reconnecting with your food. Happy Weekend!