2 Necessary ingredients for change

So much of our reality is determined by mindset, and supportive stimuli. We can’t change our reality surrounded by the stimuli of our past reality. We can’t create a new reality by engaging in the old relational patterns, self-destructive behaviors associated with our old current self and current reality. Change involves a combination of saying yes and saying no.

  • Saying Yes: First, we must say yes to the possibility of a change. We must be visionaries, able to imagine a new future, or new self with clarity and precision. Say yes to this possibility. Get clear on what you want, who you want to be, what type of stimuli this new life includes.

  • Saying No: Next, we must say no to all the things that aren’t aligned with the new reality you want to create. This includes relationships, obligations, self-destructive or just unproductive behaviors, negative self-talk, etc. Saying no is just as important as saying yes. Once you have a vision of the future you want to create, begin to edit your life ruthlessly, cutting out all that isn’t aligned with this new vision. This part is often a process, like taking off layers until you find yourself underneath. You may think you’ve said no to all you need to, only to find more in your life that needs to be let go of. This process could take years, but with everything you let go of, you become closer to the life you want.

For change to happen, we must re-design ourselves and our lives. Begin to relate to life differently and surround yourself with new stimuli. Sometimes we need new stimuli to help us hit the reset button. Say no to everything that isn’t aligned with this new reality you want to create. Say no to everything that won’t help you become the person you want to become and begin to create the changes you want.