Weekend Inspo

When we’re motivated, excited and enthusiastic, we can get so much done. There’s a fire behind our actions when we tackle something with motivation. The problem with motivation is it’s hard to sustain at a high level. That’s where discipline comes into the picture. Discipline helps you maintain your effort so that you’re not always dependent on your moods, motivation, and energy levels. I used to be quite lackadaisical when I was younger, but yoga helped me understand and appreciate the importance of discipline. I just learned to show up to the yoga studio, on my planned days, whether I was excited about it or not. Some days I had a ton of energy and motivation and the class felt great to engage in, and other days I had little energy, the best I could do was show up. Because of my consistency and discipline, I became mentally and physically stronger, my postures got better, and the class didn’t feel so daunting. If I had only gone to the studio when I felt motivated, my practice wouldn’t have progressed the way it did, and I never would gained a sense of freedom from my moods. When you want something, you must learn to be disciplined because you won’t always be motivated. Discipline will sustain you.