Simple pleasure of the week: celebrations

I didn’t used to believe in ceremonies or celebrations. I thought them to be superfluous. The interesting thing is that every culture involves ceremony and celebration. They’re important. They are what bind us together, define some moments as more important than others, and mark the passage of important transitions. It was actually my work with children and families that helped me to realize the importance of ceremony in bonding families together, and because of that experience I decided to have a wedding when I married Matt. Though we had been together for 10 years, committed to one another from the start of the journey, something did feel different after the wedding, when we were officially husband and wife. There’s something special in ceremony and celebration. This weekend, we go to celebrate friends in their own nuptials and I wish the same magical experience for them. Plus, it’s fun to have a big party, to dance and eat and drink and socialize. Celebrations are just good, old-fashioned, timeless fun. Happy Weekend!