Weekend Inspo

This is such good advice! Everybody has an opinion, myself included. Unfortunately, many people like to give advice on subjects they really know nothing about, and if you don’t stop to filter what advice you allow into your heart, you might be led astray. Only take advice from those who have been or have what you want. People can’t tell you how to get to places they’ve never been. Don’t take relationship advice from those who don’t have a happy relationship. Don’t take financial advice from those who aren’t in the financial situation you seek. Don’t take business advice from someone who isn’t running a thriving business. On the contrary when you do meet someone who has achieved great success or an amazing relationship, you may want to do exactly what they tell you. They clearly know something you don’t, and doing exactly what they tell you at least for a while, may provide insights into a method or mindset you would otherwise have had no access to discovering. Happy Weekend!