One simple tool to harness the law of attraction

Contrast lists have been a game-changer for Matt and I. We have been making them in the mornings for various aspects of our lives as a way of clarifying goals, and providing something positive and productive for us to place our mental and emotional energy on. Contrast lists can also be extremely helpful in shifting you out of a negative mindset. According to law of attraction, we attract whatever we place our energy on. The problem is we tend to focus on what’s wrong, or what we don’t want in a situation, and this only attracts more of the negative into our lives. It can be so difficult to shift your mindset out of the negative once you find yourself stuck on a negative loop. This is where contrast lists come in.

Most of the time, we know what we don’t want, but have less clarity on what we do want. By working backwards, getting all the negative out on paper and then deducing from that list what we do want, we can use the negative for good and not evil. The end result is a list of all the positives, the things you do want to focus on and draw into your life.

To create a contrast list:

First make a list of all of the negative/don’t want things you can think of in a certain situation in your life. The example I provided below is based on a contrast list geared towards attracting someone’s ideal job.


The next step is to use the list of negatives to generate what you do want to attract (in this case it would be for an ideal job). Once you get your list of wants generated, go back to your list of “don’t want” and cross them off. I promise you, it will feel really good to cross out all the negatives! See below for an example.


Voila, by creating a contrast list, you not only get clear on what you do want, but also help your brain replace negative thoughts with positive ones. I would suggest keeping a copy of this list somewhere and reviewing it daily (preferably first thing in the morning and/or right before bed). You might even imagine yourself already living the life you want. With the above example, if I were trying to attract my ideal job, I would read this list every morning and every evening, and in the morning I might do a 10 minute visualization exercise in which I imagined myself going to my ideal job, feeling supported, and excited by work, making a large salary, etc.

Contrasts lists can be used for attracting anything you want. You might use it for attracting your ideal relationship, client, or financial situation. Sometimes seeing the contrast between what you have and what you want, can also just motivate you to take the action you need to change your life. This is a very powerful activity. When you find yourself wishing for and wanting something, or focused on the negatives, try creating a contrast list.