Welcome to Happiness | Collective ! 


I'm Ashley. I live with my husband in a small beach cottage in Pacific Grove, California. I’m a yogi, wife, psychotherapist* by day, who loves style, food, passion, inspiration, and the never ending pursuit of living a simple, happy life. Happiness is easier said than done, but I believe it's something we all strive for. I created this blog to chronicle my own journey for a happy life, and my reflections along the way. This is a crazy, amazing world we live in, and we are all travelers on this journey that is the human experience. Life is not always easy, but it sure is a lot more fun when you share it with the people you love, and allow truth, intention, love, and passion to guide your way. I hope you will follow along on the journey with me. 

* All opinions and reflections expressed on this blog are personal, not professional recommendations. Please consult with professionals before making major health changes.