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Terrariums are definitely trending right now, but they can get expensive. The great thing about succulent terrariums is that they are super low maintenance, really hard to kill, and a great way to bring green into your space. Research shows that our brains and bodies do much better when we are around nature. Terrariums allow you to bring nature indoors and keep your greenery contained in an easily mobile space. You could use a terrarium to spruce up your nightstand, coffee table, office, entryway, kitchen or anywhere really. This terrarium was super easy to make and took around 30 minutes to assemble. 


  • Whatever plants you want to plant (we used succulents because they are sooo easy to care for)
  • Small pebbles or rocks  (these were gathered from the beach)
  • Activated charcoal (we bought ours on amazon here)
  • Potting soil
  • Terrarium container (this could be a bowl, actual terrarium, vase, large shell etc.)


 clockwise from top: terrarium container, succulents, potting soil, rocks, activated charcoal powder


  • Simply layer pebbles/rocks on the bottom of the container. They will be the bottom layer and support drainage for your plants. Our rocks were about 1/2 inch deep.
  • Next put a thin layer of soil, the activated charcoal (to keep your terrarium pure and free from bacterias) and then the remainder of the soil on top. You want the soil to be deep enough to cover all the roots of your plants.
  • Next, use your hands, or a spoon, to carve out space for your plants. Take your plants out of their pots and loosen the soil around their roots. Place the plants into the spaces you've carved out and cover their roots with soil.
  • Done! If you'd like, you can decorate the area around the plants with whatever tickles your fancy. We used more of the rocks collected from the beach, a piece of sea glass, a few shells and special rocks gathered from nearby beaches. Hope you enjoy making your own!
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