the importance of simplicity and simple pleasures

As I sit here, I'm struck by the inescapable fact of how little we truly need to be happy. In my heart, I always know this to be true, but sometimes my head forgets as I subconsciously create my want lists. The fact that the simple things in life are the greatest, is the reason why we created our simple pleasures posts in the first place. This category created a space to reflect on those things, that when experienced with mindfulness, make our hearts sing. The ego is complicated, never ceasing to want, but the heart knows what's really important. How little we need to be happy, to feel joy, to feel our heart swell with love. A walk along the ocean with a loved one, food around a table with old friends, a great movie on a sick day spent at home, a warm cup of coffee on a cold quiet morning, a comfortable home, true connections with others, a job you enjoy, free time for creating, cuddling, are the things that make me feel truly alive. While I don't have a specific simple pleasure to write about today, I thought it appropriate to discuss the topic of simple pleasures in general and how important they are to a happy, fulfilled life. With the holiday season approaching, remembering that simplicity is extraordinary is even more difficult. I must often stop and remind myself of this fact. Hope your holiday season is filled with many simple pleasures. Have a great weekend. Love to you all!