reflections on being human part 1

I sit here, at the tail end of a no good, very bad day. Actually, my day wasn't bad, but for some reason, my mood was extra funky, and not in a good way. I meditated this morning, everything seems to be going well, or at least ok in my life, and I can't think of any resentments or fears that could be contributing to this sense of dis-ease. Some days are like this, as unpleasant as they feel. This is part of being human, of having emotions come and go within, of having a human brain that thinks irrational thoughts on the regular, and a human body with brain chemicals, and hormones. I can't think of any particular reason for this no good feeling, and yet here I sit, feeling this way.

I sat down and started two different blog posts, but just didn't feel inspired, and so now I write about this portion of the human experience. In all transparency, yes, I have bad days too. Social media is typically used to portray only the good times, and while we have chosen to be bloggers that promote wellness, inspiration, and mindful moments, we also have bad days. I have days where I feel anxiety, tightness in my chest and jaw, and I have to remind myself to take deep breaths. I have days in which, at the end, there's nothing left to do but have a long good cry. I have days where I believe I'll never achieve the things I want to, and that I'm royally screwing up everything. This is part of being human, having a human brain that, let's face it, doesn't always work properly. Additionally, a human body with emotions and, if female, hormones that make the whole emotional experience extra fun every month. Some days are blah. Some days just suck. And then, some days are amazing, where I feel this sense of connection to the universe, this belief that all the possibilities of the world are at my fingertips, and have this joy pulsing through my entire body. 

Emotions reside within us, but we don't have to reside within our emotions.

I reminded myself to breathe deeply throughout the day, talked about this no good feeling with my husband, and reminded myself this will pass. I almost skipped yoga, but realized if I stayed home I would regret it. Yoga provided an opportunity to change my energy. Sometimes all we can do to change our mood is identify what we have control over. Engage in activities we enjoy, nurture ourselves, talk about our feelings with those we love, and then breathe and let it go. Remember that feelings come and go. Tomorrow is a new day, and this is all part of the human experience.