simple pleasure of the week: playing tourist in your own town

It's easy to take your own hometown for granted since you live with it day after day. Exploring with fresh eyes can truly be a simple pleasure. I love to grab a coffee and walk around, exploring pathways, popping in shops, browsing bookstores, and discovering new restaurants I plan to try out. Playing tourist can help you to view the old with new enthusiasm, and bring awareness to the details familiarity has made you blind to. Talking about your town with strangers you meet can lead you to make a new connection, discover a spot you never knew existed, or learn about a killer hike you have yet to try. On a particularly lazy Saturday we like to sleep in, have coffee, and drive down the coast to Big Sur for breakfast and a hike. We are all explorers in this life, and sometimes finding pleasure in the exploration of the familiar can be one of the greatest adventures.