Happy weekend!

I think it was the Buddha who said that all of our suffering derives from our attachments (e.g. to things, relationships, past identities, or abilities). How interesting to think that being deeply involved is separate from being attached, and that we can be both deeply involved in connecting with people and places, while remaining unattached. I think Ram Dass is simply referring to mindfulness when he urges us to be less attached, meaning that we should try to accept things as they are rather than fighting them. We often find ourselves in situation which aren't ideal, and our attachments to our expectations, to comfort, to what we wished the situation could be, leads to more suffering than if we could simply accept the things we cannot change. This quote about life is a bit like parents loving their children unconditionally, and allowing them to grow and change according to their truth, without attaching to who they used to be, or the parents' expectation of what they should become. This we can do in life; connecting, reflecting, appreciating, and loving deeply, while working to stay unattached to our own expectations of what life should be, accepting the things we cannot change, and allowing those we love to live freely as well. Happy Weekend : )