once the intention of life becomes love

God I love Rumi. We've spoken before about the power of intention on love+yoga, and how wonderful to think of changing one's intention to become love. It feels amazing to be loved and it also feels wonderful to give love. Doubt, despair, and fear are all dark energies, whereas love is the ultimate light energy. We can only fight dark with light. Life can seem so complicated, especially the one that's been created by society, but aiming to love brings us back to a simpler life and allows our soul to relax. Of course, we still have career goals, life goals, but they become secondary to love, and thus, the icing on top of the cake. Go forth this weekend, love deeply, love passionately, love compassionately, and realize that this is the ultimate intention, the highest achievement, and the only one that will matter after this life is all over.