Mindful Minute: Cup of Tea or Coffee Ritual

I love to have my cup of coffee in the morning. It's part of my daily routine and something I look forward to every day. We have a Chemex coffee maker in our house, so the act of making the coffee is an opportunity for a mindful experience as you heat the water, taking time to slowly pour water over the coffee grounds. I realize not everyone has a brewing method like this, so I'm keeping it simple for this mindful minute exercise. In the morning, as you have your cup of tea, coffee, hot water with lemon, ect. take the time to notice how the warm cup feels in between your hands. Notice the smell of whatever is in your cup, the taste as you sip it slowly, how it feels as you swallow it and the warm beverage moves down your throat and into your stomach. Take a moment to be thankful that you have this time to enjoy your coffee or tea every morning because it really is a luxury. You may even think of all the things you're grateful for and/or set an intention for the day. Have a great weekend!