Mindful Minute: Pocket Stone Exercise

I always carry a stone in the pocket of the jacket I wear on walks. When I slip my hand into my pocket, it always finds the stone. You can use this stone as a mindfulness reminder. Carry a stone in your pocket and every time you feel the stone with your hand, take a mindful moment, breathing slowly and deeply, checking in with your body, checking in with your mind, checking in with your energy and tuning into your full experience in the moment (e.g. sights, sounds, smells). Another way to use the stone is to feel it with your hand in your pocket, really studying the texture of its surface, the shape of the stone with your hand. Notice the way the stone feels on your fingertips, in the palm of your hand, and as you close your hand over it. Either of these pocket stone exercises help to bring you back into the present moment, and force you to tune into your full sensory experience. Perhaps this weekend could involve a fun excursion where you find the perfect pocket stone....perhaps in nature : ) Happy weekend!