The very simple practice to maintain balance in your life

This practice is seemingly so simple, I almost nixed writing a blog post about it. The thing is, that some solutions are so simple, we often don't even think of them. Are you ready for it? The practice of taking pause and asking yourself what you need can be so powerful. This has been a big topic in my group therapies lately, because it can be such a game-changing, powerful practice. So often, we are caught up in reacting, we forget to take pause and decide how we want to respond to stimuli. When you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, amped up, angry, lethargic, it's a great time to stop and ask yourself what you're needing. Maybe what you need is a simple 10 minute, conscious break spent with intention and attention to your breath. Maybe you simply need 3 deep breaths. What you're needing may change day to day or situation to situation. Sometimes we need solitude, or a break, or something energizing and sometimes we need to be around others. This can be a wonderful practice when choosing what yoga class to go to as sometimes you need energizing, and other times you may need stress reduction and the type of yoga you choose to practice can bring you back to balance. The thing is, so often we just continue to respond to life without ever giving ourselves what we truly need, without ever taking time to figure out what keeps us in balance. Whenever you're feeling off or funky, stop and ask yourself what you need to regain balance in your life, and then give that to yourself. The more often you practice asking this question, the more effortless the practice will become. Again, this is such a simple concept, but try it next time you're ungrounded and see if it doesn't help.