Headache Rollerball DIY

This rollerball is not only great for headaches, but also just tension in general. I love to roll it onto the back of my neck, the base of my skull, temples and shoulders. After a few minutes, the oil creates a cooling effect on your body that relieves tension, and helps you to relax. I made up a few of these and gave them as part of homemade gift baskets during Christmas. I made a couple of them for the house as well, because it’s always nice to have one of these rollerballs on hand. If you regularly use essential oils, chances are you have most of these ingredients already, however you may have to pick up a few items. Empty glass rollerballs are easy to purchase at your local health foods or Whole Foods store. I’ve seen them at our Pharmica for a few dollars. In bulk, on Amazon, is the best price to find glass rollerballs. These are the rollerballs I personally purchase and use. Below are the ingredients/directions for making headache relief rollerballs:


Direction: This is the easiest set of directions I’ve ever written. You simply add the essential oils to your rollerball, then fill the rest with sweet almond oil. Shake rollerball before using and roll over your temples, crown of your head, base of the skull, down your neck or over shoulders. Avoid getting any into your eyes! After about 5 minutes, you should feel a cooling effect wherever this blend has come into contact with your skin. Enjoy!

To make these rollerballs extra special, print out the labels created on label paper with your home printer and attach to your bottles.

Download the Rollerball Label PDF