The Collective's Favorite YouTube Yoga Channels

YouTube Yoga has really changed the game. While, I know it’s not the same as practicing in a studio, surrounded by your community, YouTube yoga has truly made yoga accessible to anyone who has access to internet. When Matt and I were transitioning towards building our own yoga practice, we often practiced YouTube yoga classes in our living room. It was there where we learned the basic sun salutations, until we could eventually practice them on our own. I must also mention the amount of priceless knowledge available from big name yoga teachers, I would never be able to access were it not for the internet and the YouTube platform. Below are my favorite yoga channels. True to YouTube, all of the content is free. Hope you find something you love:

  • Alo Yoga - Although this is a brand channel, I really appreciate the focus on free yoga classes and workshops provided with only whispers of brand marketing thrown in. With so many yoga subscription services these days, this channel has managed to provide free content by big name yoga teachers. The quality and aesthetic of the videos is also professional-grade which is always appreciated.

  • Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga - This is definitely an Ashtanga-based yoga channel and it offers tons of yoga class videos, as well as interview, lectures, and workshops offered by some of the biggest names in the Ashtanga yoga community. I have learned so much from these videos about technique, philosophy, and anatomy, all for free, all from the comfort of my home.

  • Sigismondi Photography - This is the channel I go to when I want to fall in love with yoga again. If you are needing inspiration to begin practicing, check out this channel. The video selection ranges from short yoga classes to artistically shot videos of yogis doing amazing things. All of the videos are beautiful and of the highest artistic quality IMHO. This channel is not to be missed if you love yoga.

  • Yogi Approved - Yogi approved was a yoga blog, which has now been acquired by Wanderlust. However, the channel is still alive, offering free, professional quality yoga class videos, interviews, educational content, and product reviews. If you want a channel that includes the entire yoga lifestyle, this is the channel to reference.

  • Cat Meffan - Cat Meffan is a professional yoga teacher/YouTuber/social media influencer. She provides quality vinyasa yoga class videos, product reviews, and personal videos. From yin classes, to sweaty power yoga to meditation videos, there’s sure to be something on this channel that’s up your alley.

  • FightMaster Yoga - This channel provided the Ashtanga yoga class Matt and I practiced in our living room before discovering our Ashtanga studio. This is a yoga class-based channel, with a nice variety of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga classes ranging from all different levels and time lengths.

Are there any channels I’ve missed? If you have suggestions let know in the comments below!