The relationship between effort and surrender

Effort and surrender have an interesting relationship. We can't have true relaxation without true exertion. When I wasn't working I noticed that weekends didn't have as much meaning to me because so much is defined by it's counterpart, by it's opposite. When I'm not exercising, my appetite isn't as great and food isn't as enjoyable. So often when we enjoy something, we want to attach to it, believing more is better when it's really all about balance. We can't truly rest without exertion and thus there's this wonderful balance between the two where each is dependent upon the other. Yoga classes are a perfect example of this concept at play as you tire your body and mind out before taking rest in final savasana. Seek rest, but the right amount. Too much of anything is never good.  At times, when I'm working intensely, or stressed, I remind myself how much sweeter my relaxation will be afterwards because of the intensity by which I've been working. Schedule in time for both exertion and relaxation because each needs the other in order to be effective. Know that your discipline during the week will make your weekends that much sweeter and see if this reminder doesn't make you appreciate work just a little more.