The best analogy for success

I was listening to a Podcast this weekend by Dean Grazioso on success. Dean offered a new perspective on the road to success. He explained most people make the mistake of thinking there’s one big secret to success. Often, success is made up of many small things which include building positive habits, breaking down limiting beliefs, and letting go of obligations or responsibilities which don’t serve you. He used the analogy of a dam for water. He explained most people are looking for the gaping hole to fix so the water can fill up the dam when It’s really more about finding the many small holes, which need to be plugged. Our work, in working towards whatever we want, is to plug the holes one by one. Somewhere along the way, you reach the tipping point, when the water can begin to fill, despite the fact that there may still be a few holes.

This strategy can be used to think about success in any goal we want. Often, our work towards goals, regardless of whether they’re relationship-oriented, emotional, mental, or financial, can be thought of as a process. Our work is to identify and implement the many small changes we need to make in order to find that tipping point in which the water can begin to fill. In this way, we have to continue putting forth consistent effort before we can expect to see results. Begin to plug the small holes, starting with changes that feel achievable, and continue to do that every day until you get what you want. Changes that might need to be made include changing unhealthy behaviors, letting go of toxic relationships, adopting healthy routines, learning new information, and breaking down limiting beliefs. The most important thing is just to get started on the journey and to have the courage to continue on.