Breaking down your brain waves Part I

Ok, let’s talk about brainwave states. I hope you find this topic as interesting as I do because I seriously NERD OUT on this stuff. I find the topic of brain waves and their implications for the possibilities of making major life changes to be fascinating. I’m going to provide you all with a very brief but hopefully informative introduction to the topic of brain waves and why knowing brain wave states can be a game changer when you’re trying to make lasting changes or reduce stress. Because of the density of this topic, this will be a four part series, each week focusing on one brain wave state.

There are 4 brain wave states ranging from high frequency, low amplitude to low frequency, high amplitude and each state corresponds with a different type of functioning. the 4 brain wave states are as follows.

  • Beta: fastest frequency, lowest amplitude - associated with work, focused attention, analytical thought, focus on time and/or environment, and stress states.

  • Alpha: slower frequency higher amplitude than beta - associated with relaxed mind/body states

  • Theta: even slower frequency and higher amplitude than alpha, associated with flow states, early childhood, and falling asleep

  • Delta: the slowest frequency and highest amplitude - associated with deep, restorative sleep


Beta brain wave state is what we are in majority of the day. They have the fastest frequency but lowest amplitude. Its the brain wave state we employ when we are working, concentrating on something, and/or focused on external input such as time or environment. I am probably in a state of beta as I write this post for you all. Beta brain wave states would correspond when you’re having a conversation, engaged in analytical thought, trying to figure out a problem, or engaged in work of some kind. When you’re trying to fall asleep but can’t shut your mind off…ya that’s beta (probably high beta ) brainwave state. High beta brain waves are when we are in a state of stress. Beta brain waves, as I understand it, operate from our conscious mind, the part of our thoughts we are aware of. They are associated with focus on appearances, material items, image, environment, and time, along with logical/rational thought. If you believe in the law of attraction or intuition, beta brain waves would represent a time when you are most disconnected from the quantum field, or your intuition. These brain waves are typically depleting.

What this means:

This means that we need breaks from the beta brain wave state. Finding activities where you can shut your mind off is important to give you the mental break you need. When you are in beta brain wave state you have the least likelihood of changing your subconscious mind, or of even connecting with your subconscious mind. I have also heard it explained that because beta brain waves have the lowest amplitude, your thoughts have the least amount of power from a law of attraction standpoint at this time. Shifting out of a beta brain wave state is important when you’re trying to tap into your intuition, get into a creative state, attract abundance, or simply connect with the quantum field.

Activities that might shift you out of beta:

  • Rhythmic or automatic exercise such as a set yoga sequence, running, walking, tai chi

  • Showers or baths

  • Floating in a pool or body of water

  • Listening to music

  • Creative work (e.g. playing music or art, even coloring)

  • Meditation

  • Deep breathing

  • Falling asleep, waking up

  • Getting a massage

  • Playing with your puppy

  • Napping

  • Cooking

Again, remember we need breaks from beta brain waves. Giving yourself some routine activities such as those mentioned above are necessary! Basically anything that helps your mind and/or body relax helps shift you out of a beta state. The following brain wave states get really exciting so make sure you tune in for Breaking down your brain waves Part II, III, and IV!!