why dieting usually doesn't work

I stumbled upon a fabulous Ted Talks the other day. Neuroscientist, Sandra Aamodt explains why dieting does not work and how it can actually lead to weight gain in the long run. This is information I knew about, but not in real depth.

I never diet. I have gotten to a point in my life where I can comfortably say, all I care about is being healthy not about being thin. To feel good inside and out, I eat healthy and exercise regularly. If I don't do these things I become sluggish, depressed, and not clear headed. Sandra talks about how weight actually makes very little difference when it comes to being healthy. She shows a study that demonstrates just how important a healthy lifestyle is to living a long life. To quote Sandra, "You can take control of your health by taking control of your lifestyle even if you can't lose weight and keep it off".

When I start feeling bloated or my jeans start fitting a little tighter, I listen to my body and become more conscious about when I really am hungry. I stop eating when I am full and start eating when I am hungry. This is something Sandra touches on. She talks about mindfulness eating and how this can lead to maintaining a healthy weight your body is comfortable with.

Can you tell how excited I am about this talk?! This is a topic I am passionate about and try to help clients and friends to understand. Now I can share this video that really brings the message across in an easy to understand way.